Sittin’ on a barbed wire fence…

As the response to the Perth bhikkhuni ordination resonates around the world, sitting on the fence is becoming more and more difficult. Only a tiny percentage of the Western monks have come forward to state their position, most of them being in favor of bhikkhuni ordination in principle. A shrinking few are still officially undecided. It is a position that becomes harder to sustain as time goes on.

And there’s a big problem: as long as people are sitting on the fence, it can’t be torn down. There’s only one outcome to the ‘bhikkhuni question’, and the longer the fence-sitters stay up there, the more it will drag on. So come on down! We’re a friendly mob.


One thought on “Sittin’ on a barbed wire fence…

  1. “Sitting on the fence”, what does that mean? To me, when I think of this attitude, I get a sense of fear. Fear to move – and a feeling of being safe ‘on the fence’. When I continue to look , there is still only uncertainty. This refuge – the’fence’, actually is not stable. There is a shakiness there; this not being sure. How long one can stay with this joyless state of mind will depend I guess on each one individually, and how far they aspire to know Truth.
    Feeling safe in a changeable mind is absurd. However, taking a courages step ‘off the fence’, and feeling the truth of THAT, will bring one joy.
    Just a thought!

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