An open letter to all good people interested in bhikkhuni ordination

In the immediate response to Ajahn Brahm informing Ajahn Sumedho of the bhikkhuni ordination, I quickly composed a letter detailing some of the response (or lack thereof) on the part of the Wat Pa Pong (Ajahn Chah tradition) Sangha to bhikkhuni ordination. That letter was widely circulated. I was criticized for a few of the things in that original letter, especially for quoting some statements made by people in personal emails. I apologize for this, and ask that if anyone has the original version of the letter that it be deleted. Please use the revised version here.



6 thoughts on “An open letter to all good people interested in bhikkhuni ordination

  1. A clear demonstration where the politics has taken over the intention!!. As far as I am concerned Ajan Braham is liberated from another Tie.
    May all be happy, peaceful ,and free from hinderance to attain Nibbana.

  2. I received the Three Refugees and Five Precepts in 1965 and have been a practicing layman ever since. I am shattered by this Schism in the Order. Please remember exactly what The Buddha said concerning those who follow the path of Devadetta. This Schism is bringing heartbreak and dispair to layfolk who have trusted the monks and fed them for years and it is bringing disgrace to our noble religion in the eyes of outsiders. Whatever the conventions in Thailand may be, for UK/EU monasteries it is imperative they do NOT break the Convention on Human Rights here. Real trouble will ensue if this discriminatory practice be taken to an EU
    Court by an aspiring Bikkhuni seeking Ordination and refused on sex grounds alone.

    • Dear Michael,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Just to clarify, there is no schism. Bodhinyana has been formally delisted as a branch monastery of the Ajahn Chah tradition, and that is the extent of the ‘official’ response so far. Individual monks might make their own punitive acts, but those choices are the responsibility of those monks and not the Sangha.

    • Dear Tusheeta,

      Ajahn Jayasaro was not present at the meeting when Ajahn Brahm was expelled. In fact, few western monks were there. However, none objected to the expulsion, so I think it should be assumed that they consented.

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