I’ve just checked the stats for this blog, and it’s had 16 400 hits since starting two weeks ago; almost all are in the last week.


I worked for, what, three years on my Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies. So far, a grand total of zero orders. Maybe I’ve been missing something…

I had no idea this whole bhikkhuni thing would unleash such an energy. This is something I could feel in myself very clearly. For about a week before and after the ordination, I hardly slept, I felt this amazing joy and vitality. I’ve been working for this for so long, finally the blockages were gone. And this is the sense I get from the feedback we’ve been hearing from all around: how much hidden, suppressed energy is starting to appear. For now the energy is shooting in random directions – but just wait until it gets really harnessed.


21 thoughts on “Stats

  1. Thank you for sharing all these experiences, Bhante!

    I would like to get your book in PDF, but cannot find the download possibility. Am I looking at the wrong place or is there a glitch?

    Metta to You All,


  2. Dear Bhante,

    I have received my copy which I ordered. So there cannot be zero orders. I strongly believe that there will be more.

    Take care and sleep, well done,

    yours dharmasister

    Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen

    • Dear Ven,

      Well thanks so much! I must have misread the stats on Lulu – actually, there’s a couple of orders, but I thought they were the ones we bought here. I stand corrected.

  3. People are only convinced when it happens!

    I believe there’s a grand total of 1, now! It’s a modest but happy beginning.

    And yes, may this great surge of energy be WELL DIRECTED & WELL HARNESSED, the beast of burden that will bring many swiftly to nibbana.

    with metta.

  4. Dear Bhante,

    Your 3 years of hard labour have helped broken the ground to lay the foundation for the Bhikkuni “building”. Sadhu X 3

  5. Last Note: thank you for taking the time to keep us updated, and to reply to all of us – all this on top of everything else you have to see to. May you not be overburdened and may this not hinder your practice – everyone is allowed take a break! I, for one, am now retiring from the computer for a good long while. Thank you again, & Peace.

  6. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I made a blog post with news of this issue and had more than double statistics. People care about this issue and it is better for everyone if the principals outline the facts. Gossip over closed door activities can become very damaging. Thank you.

  7. Dear Sujato

    I wonder if you have seen the Bangkok Post article posted here on Facebook

    It refers to proposals for a new law in Thailand which would give people 10-25 years in prison for “distorting” or “imitating” Buddhist teaching.

    I had not fully grasped the extent to which religion and politics are enmeshed in Thailand, and how high, deep and wide is the defensiveness of the religio-political establishment.

    I think that you’re better off out of it, and should avoid getting sucked back down into these murky waters. Those monks who came up to Ajahn Brahm after his expulsion and chummily told him it would soon be business as usual should be made clear in no uncertain terms that it won’t. It’s over. No more.



    entangled in this

  8. Greetings Bhante!

    The new book on Bhikkhuni Vinaya is not yet up on Santipada’s web page, nor on the SantiFM page. Please make it easier for people to find it!

    • Ahh, yes, I’ll get around to it…

      Actually we’re just starting a whole new project, relaunching santipada as Australia’s first Buddhist publishers, using emerging technologies. hence I’ve been lax in maintaining the old sites…

  9. I almost ordered it a few days ago then remembered what a skint student I am and how little time I have for extra reading, but it is in my mental list of books to read in the next few months/years when possible!

    • Hey Kester!! could you please post your comments about “real Vinaya” which Thanissara posted on a facebook page recently – they are worthwhile & useful … sorry if you’ve done so already, and sorry if I “outed” you 🙂 ATB, x-Mudita

  10. Bhante,
    AS soon as a person offers, I am intending to order a copy of your book myself. Secondly the images that I shared with you were images of the energy this topic contains. It seems infinitely healthier to have it all out in the open than under lock and key but there is still a ways to go before genuine health emerges.

  11. Ajahn Thanasanti, I would like to offer the book to you. I was a Thai student in the UK. where I met you at the Ammaravati around 20 years ago. At that time you were in white. I am now living with the pommy husband whom I met at Leicester U. You don’t remember me but I do remember you. I support wholeheartly what Tan Ajahn Bharm and co. did for women on the path. Sad how things turned out. Hope people can rejoice with this. As a lay person I think we need to be more careful not to get caught up with the polities which is going on at the moment. Anyway !Where can we send the book? Are you in Amereica now?
    With Metta

    • Dear Nuk,
      Goodness. I just was looking for Bhante’s web link and see you generous offer. I am very touched by your generosity as well as how unexpected to see this in this context. Yes I am living in the US my address is as follows: 15 Columbia St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80904 USA.
      Ajahn Thanasanti

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