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There’s a fine new article on the bhikkhuni thing by Sanitsuda Ekachai, one of Thailand’s foremost journalists on Buddhism, and a strong and consistent voice for bhikkhunis in Thailand. She cuts straight to the heart of the matter in a way that few others have.

(Please excuse my lazy use of the word ‘thing’. ‘Controversy’, ‘issue’, ‘split’, or whatever, they’ve become such worn currency in my mind. All that’s left is a ‘thing’.)


2 thoughts on “Bangkok Post article

  1. This is a great and telling quote “But the Thai-speaking monks primarily provide religious rites, rituals and a Thai cultural cocoon for Thai immigrants far from home.” So much of what I see is “cultral Buddhism”. Fine that is no problems for me and the Tibetans have done well to promolgate a mix of Tibetan and Buddhist cultural practices, but as the article intimates the core of the Buddhist teachings is what we in the West crave

  2. Bangkok Post : And regardless of the controversy, a monk in the Luang Por Chah lineage has brought about another positive change in Theravada Buddhism for women on foreign soil.

    Indeed, Luang Por Chah was a true visionary.

    I remember (if my memory doesn’t fail me) Ajahn Brahm once said in one of his talks that after being asked by Ajahn Sumedho to stay in England during Ajahn Brahm’s home visit not long after Ajahn Sumedho was invited to the UK, Ajahn Brahm asked for Ajahn Chah’s permission but Ajahn Chah said no. It seemed Ajahn Chah had another plan for him…

    We all know that a couple years later Ajahn Jagaro asked Ajahn Brahm to go to Australia with him and Ajahn Chah said yes. I often wonder if the visonary Ajahn Chah knew then that one day Ajahn Brahm would be the one who would lead the Buddhist communities in the new flourishing continent and its surrounding countries to a modern world with true dhamma teachings and resulting peace and happiness.

    With metta to all,

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