Haiti earthquake

For those of you looking for ways to help the people of Haiti after the recent earthquake disaster, may I recommend the wonderful work of the Taiwan-based Tzu Chi. They’re always there, efficient and ready with practical help on the ground. I can’t praise their work highly enough.

The scale of the suffering in Haiti right now is incomprehensible, and it’s so important that we don’t just give up in the face of the scale of these disasters. As human populations grow, our climate becomes more unstable, resources more scarce, and our social structure more unequal, these crises will only grow in frequency and magnitude. Wherever people are in the world, we should help them as if they were our naighbours or our family – because they are.


13 thoughts on “Haiti earthquake

  1. Interesting that Bhikkhuni ordination draws 100+ comments and a topic on an earthquake which is believed to have killed 100,000+ people draws 1.

    • Perhaps the only thing to do in a natural disaster is to open our wallets, instead of talking about it.

      On the other hand, social disasters like the denial of bhikkhuni ordination need to be negotiated by dialogue…

    • Jack!
      Nice that you are interested! I was going to be in Haiti this week and I am grieving and a little in shock. This is not something I was going to share with Dhamma friends here, I am speaking with colleagues and other friends about how I can support them and continue the work we were supposed to do now in a different context. This site is not about Haiti but it could be a place to talk about what it means to be a Dhamma Friend. Are we engaging in our world to support ours and others path to happiness and spiritual well-being? If so, what are we doing? Are we supporting the greater happiness of our Human Sangha or are we getting stuck in the pettiness of family arguments? These moments of great loss should awaken us to the big picture. Sangha building. Opening the way rather than obstructing.

  2. Hello Jack, It’s early days yet :o) I think other friends who are blogging here are also communicating with different earthquake appeal groups in their own countries. I’ve made my donation through the Disaster Emergency Committee which is a group of 18 leading relief organisations based in the UK (CAFOD, OXFAM etc). I have this quote on my wall from the 1997 UK monstery calander – “Nothing in all the world is left out or remains apart from the heart releasing loving-kindness. Samyutta Nikaya : 42.8 I find that a great comfort in times like this when all I can do is send money and prayers.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Bhante. I’ve made a donation to the relief effort. These people don’t need ‘prayers’ or ‘mental Metta,’ they need FOOD, MEDICINE, SHELTER, and REAL TANGIBLE SUPPORT. Additionally of note, I’ve read on FB that American Airlines will transport any doctor or nurse to Haiti free of charge, call 212-697-9767, though I can’t substantiate this you can also donate to the American Red Cross through their site (though I much prefer the Tzu Chi).

  4. I wonder if there is a connection between the state of the environment and the increase in the frequency of some extreme weather events or natural disasters.

    Just one tremble of the earth and all the things that we are attached to in life ( future, accumulations, etc..) can be taken away. Not even the basic needs are available.

    • I can pretty much guarantee there will be more natural disasters with environmental degradation and the Greenhouse Effect. It will be the poor who suffer most.

  5. Yes, Bhante, they are a GREAT organisation. ANd thankyou for that beautiful quote Florentyna.
    Doctors without Borders are also a good organisation to donate monies too everyone.

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