Is this good?

I’ve just changed the theme of the blog, in response to the remarks some time ago that the previous style was hard to read for some people, as the font was not dark enough. I’ve had a look through the available WordPress themes, and this seems to be the one with the clearest text. It’s not fancy, but I think it’s readable. Let me know if this is ok, or if anyone has a suggestion that might work better.

UPDATE: After some feedback about the previous choice (The Journalist), I’m trying this one (Ocadia). The font is a little larger and the lines are shorter, more traditional book line length (12-15 words). It’s also a bit softer, not as stark and glarey. Feedback?

Meanwhile, here’s an article from the Sydney Morning herald about a gig I did last Sunday – the ‘World Cafe’ on happiness, as a part of the Sydney Festival.


33 thoughts on “Is this good?

  1. Yep I like it. Journalist is a very good theme. I think for the bar on the right you could add the “Recent Posts” and “Recent Comments” widgets as this blog is quite a discussion board sometimes. I would move “Archives” and “Categories” up a bit and move the ‘Blogroll” down a bit too. Maybe even an RSS feed of news items from BSWA?

    • I agree with ben. I really miss good navigation, especially ” the “Recent Posts” and “Recent Comments” “.

  2. Definitely not as attractive or sexy as the old format, but I’ll consider this as an exercise of seclusion from the Upadhis. 🙂

    My presbyopia ain’t complaining.

  3. Looks good.

    I am glad I found the board, as it’s proving a great place for debate and discussion about the ‘spiritual life.’

    All the Best to all,


  4. By the way Ajahn,can I ask, are you still getting as many web visits now the ordination arguments have subsided just a little?

    • I must confess I got hooked on to this blog only after the Bhikkhuni debate but I am definetly going to stick on!

      Thanks a lot for your interesting articles and the intelectually stimulating Sutta classes(in dhammanet).

      Regarding your book – Sects & Sectarianism, i found an info that confirms your interpretation of the word “daayaada”. Guess you already know about it, but just in case you missed it:
      Theragatha has the word daayaada used in the sense of a direct disciple as in the verse from Vangisa Thera’s song on Annasi Kondanya:
      Mahānubhāvo tevijjo, cetopariyakovido;
      Koṇḍañño buddhadāyādo, pāde vandati satthuno.

      Or from Mahakassapa’s verses:
      Tassa buddhassa dāyādo, sampajāno patissato;
      Iddhibalenupatthaddho, kassapo abhirūhati.

      Didnt know where else to put this…

  5. I find the text is clearer but the indentation and nesting of replies (and replies to replies etc.) is less clear as the words are floating in white space with no boxes. But it works, it just takes some getting used to. As Abraham Lincoln said “… but you can’t please all the people all the time.”

  6. Have to admit I like the old style better- was easier to navigate. Also for some reason it felt warmer and friendly – this one feels a bit sterile to me.

  7. Actually, I’m finding the pure white background a bit glary and hard to look at, although I have to say my eyes are rather sensitive. It even hurts them to look directly at a candle flame.

    On the other hand I would hate to think of you sitting on the other side of the world spending time trying to find a blog colour scheme that pleases everybody, rather than writing, teaching, sitting, or enjoying a good strong cup of coffee in the bush.

  8. I actually found the old one much more readable, both in terms of the font, style, and background and general ease on the eyes.

    One nice thing about this new style is the indentation of the responses to specific posts. Also I like NOT having the numbering since they constantly changed anyway as people posted (and it was easy to miss new posts without going back through the whole thread).

    But you can’t please everyone! And more importantly, I greatly appreciate this blog and your efforts at keeping us all informed and encouraging dialogue. Thanks!

  9. Though the fontsize is smaller, the line spacing (more white space) makes it easier to read long posting. Is it possible to increase the fontsize by one point?

    • No, it’s not possible to change anything with this free blog – you just have to put up with it. At least it’s easy enough to enlarge it in your browser.

    • This one is better with light colour-shaded box and replies within. Less harsh on the eyes than the black on white canvas.

  10. Ajahn, the page looks great, really. As far as I am concerned, I am just glad to have the good discussion space provided for us all, and I don’t want to hassle you to tweak or tighten any details.

    All looks great.


  11. Why not leave the central text column alone, but have the background be a photo of the ‘computer lab’ there at Santi complete with an empty chair and a cup of tea by the keyboard? 😉

  12. Re: the latest syle (Ocadia), it’s a nice “middle way”. I find it more readable and eye-friendly than the last one (Journalist), but still clearer and easier to navigate than the original one.

    I preferred seeing people’s names next to the graphic, and having the comment button at the top, but hey, any pre-set style is not going to be perfect, and individual preferences, of course, vary…

    Thanks for all your work!

  13. The “recent comments” are really useful, especially for keeping up with entries which are now a page or two back.

  14. Dear Bhante

    Is it possible to return to the previous blog theme? Was it called Ocadia?

    This latest one is terrible, fading and small print when composing/editing. The white and black theme can be very harsh on the eyes.

  15. Bhante,

    Is there any way you can make the list of recent posts longer? There are so many great contributors whose wisdom I’m eager to digest, but posts get lost so quickly due to the popularity of the forum.



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