Some updates…

I’m off this afternoon to teach an Easter metta retreat. I’ve done this for the past few years, so it’s become a bit of a tradition. It’s at the Brahma Kumaris center in Wilton, about half-way between Santi and Sydney.

We finalized some important events this week. We’re presenting a public talk by Ajahn Brahm. This is at the Roselea Community center in Beecroft. We’ve chosen this venue as it is near to the demographic center of the Buddhist community in Sydney. Most of Ajahn Brahm’s talks previously have been in the center of Sydney, and many people have been unable to get to them. Make a note of this talk in your diaries, and tell your friends – it’s going to be a great occasion. Like all Santi’s Dhamma talks, it is of course free.

The second event is the philosophy night, which has become a semi-annual event. In previous years we have held an inter-faith dialogue. For this year, we decided on a change of pace, and it will be a dialogue on happiness with a psychiatrist, Dr Eng-kong Tan, and a philosopher, Dr Caroline West. This will be another unique opportunity, so make sure you note it in your diary. This event, like previous philosophy nights, is a charity fundraiser. So we’re charging $20/$10 on the door. All proceeds will go for the Buddhist Library’s Project Cambodia. I have known this project for several years now, and I know that 100% of donations goes directly to those who are in most need.

For updates on these and other Sydney events, see the Santi Sydney blog.


12 thoughts on “Some updates…

    • I thought that was a secret! But just between you and me, here’s the revenge plan we Aussies have been working on ever since the Brits let us off the ball & chain. First, win the Ashes. Second, sap English morale with endless episodes of Neighbours. Third, get David Beckham to play for America. Then we send the troops to Buck House, and insist the Queen abdicate in favor of Paul Hogan. Finally, we take over the English monasteries and install vampire cyborg bhikkhunis as abbots.

      Drats! Now I’ve accidentally let it out, and our evil plot is foiled… And it was all going so well…

    • OK. Don’t worry, it’s worked up as far as the David Beckham part, and the stockpiles of Vegemite and Milo are still there as planned.

      Go to Plan B.

    • it’s worked up as far as the David Beckham part, and the stockpiles of Vegemite and Milo are still there as planned.

      yes, but then they went and renamed Vegemite ‘iSnack 2.0’. No, seriously!

    • Sigh. Is nothing sacred, what is the world coming to, etc., etc.? Probably still tastes better than Marmite though.

    • Uncover the neck, I suppose.

      I’m only joking about a UK / European presence in time because I’m serious about it too. It would be a worthwhile thing to do.

  1. Hi ! Anybody know what happened to ? I’ve been trying to access this site for quite a while… they were experiencing some technical difficulty b4 so I was directed to other related sites. Now it just says unable to find site….

    Thanks !

  2. Dear Bhante Sujato.
    Very glad people will have opportunity to have a metta retreat under your guidance. When you get back, do you recommend a source on Early Buddhism? Mike recommended “The Fundamental Teachings of Early Buddhism” By Choong Mun-keat and I just read the intro and am fascinated. Do you recommend a clear book explaining early buddhism? Before the schisms? Reading the Buddha’s teaching inspires me more to practice and meditate so I feel it’s wholesome reading a bit. It seems that the closest we have is just doing comparative study with the agamas and pali suttas. Is this true? What was that website you mentioned once that has the comparison with the agamas and suttas?
    big thank you

  3. Dear Avusos

    As Ayasma Sujato has abandoned us this weekend while he enriches another community with a Metta retreat, I thought I would share an online recording of the ayasma teaching metta. It has been of great benefit to me, and I hope you will find it useful too –

    Just scroll down about a third of the page, and you’ll find the 4 links under “A practical step by step way to metta meditation – Ajahn Sujato”. Don’t skip Audio (a) by launching straight into the guided meditation at Audio (b).

    • Sylvester

      Thank you for the link. I spent a nice part of the afternoon listening to that.



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