China earthquake relief

Here’s a moving photo essay from OnAsia on the recent earthquake in China.


6 thoughts on “China earthquake relief

  1. Well… the Perth Sangha advocated so much on compassion to the extend to “save” everyone regardless of genders,out of compassion and human rights/equality, so did they, the Bhikkhu Sangha & the Bhikkhunis Sangha in Perth do anything to save the victims in China Quake out of their boundless compassion for every human being? .

    Show to us your compassion as the Sangha there have so much passion for the world affairs in trying to “change” the world with their compassion, so to speak. Action is louder than words.

    • Sundresh, perhaps you can suggest some recommendations as to what ALL Buddhist Sangha throughout the world can do to help in natural disasters like these which happen so frequently. Buddha taught the dharma of kindness, compassion and love to be practised by all of humanity.

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