Online Sutta Studies

Great news: Ven Analayo has just announced he will be conducting a series of online Sutta studies through the University of Hamburg. These will benefit from the very thorough study Ven Analayo has been conducting for the past several years into the Majjhima Nikaya/Madhyama Agama on text-critical and comparative lines.

As fate would have it, just a few days ago I was discussing this with a few people and lamenting how Ven Analayo’s work was not more widely available. So now it is! And, thanks to Terrance, we have a link that gives lots of Ven Analayo’s past articles and essays freely available online. Essential reading for those interested in early Buddhism.


7 thoughts on “Online Sutta Studies

  1. Bhante,

    The link for the course is dead. Do you think you could find it again so I can register when the time comes? Thanks!

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