Floods in Vietnam – an appeal

Here’s a call for help for the flood-devastated regions of Vietnam. Ayya Dhammananda, long-term friend of Santi, is organizing relief efforts with her contacts in the local area, where she comes from. So you can be sure all your donations will go direct to the people who need them the most.

Be on the Boat of kindness…


Dear friends,

Dukkhappatta ca niddukkha
Sokappatta ca nissoka
Bhayappatta ca nibbhaya
Hontu sukhi sabbepi panino

The Buddha’s teaching on universal love (Metta & Karuna) resonates in every soul. In many discourses, he recommended us to express our love and care for our fellow human & animals, especially, the deprived beings whether by natural disasters or by social injustice, we should make an effort helping them to rise up from suffering. We spread good-will (mettaṃ mano kammaṃ), say kind words (mettaṃ vāci kammaṃ), and effectively reach out to them (mettaṃ kāya kammaṃ) as the words in Karaniyametta Sutta say: “this unlimited love should spread all over the world without stint or reservation…”

In the last two months there were storms and over rainfall causing many floods in central Vietnam where most of the affected are farmers. Hundreds of people & thousands of animals were killed & many thousand homes were destroyed. All their crops have been destroyed and washed away. They will continue to suffer from food shortage and diseases related to long term floods for many months to come.

Your generosity will help them to rise up from their sorrow & fear in poverty. Ven. Dhammananda is co-ordinating in collecting aids to these victims. You can help them by deposit into this account for the victims of flood.

A/c No: 0491001830361
A/c name: Phạm Thị Minh Hoa
Vietcombank, Hanoi – Viet nam.
Swift code: BFTVVNVX049

Please inform Ven Dhammananda of your donation at this email address: scphaphy[at]gmail[dot]com

Many thanks for your kindness & generosity.

Here are some pictures to show us how they have been enduring during these episodes of natural disasters.

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