One thought on “The Generous Vegetable Seller

  1. Bhante

    Thanks for the link ….Che’s life is inspirational and uncomfortable…..inspirational because of her selflessness and uncomfortable when I examine my own generosity.

    I obtained a strong sense that she was Giving because she wanted to do the right thing rather than because it made her feel good.

    Personally I have always felt that giving to make myself feel good was wrong….. For me this little story has provided an insight into giving, not because it makes me feel good but because it is the right thing to do or a wholesome action if you like.

    So much modern literature with respect to generosity is that it’s is good and the more you give the more that you will get back and the better you will feel in other words it’s all about what the giver gets :), Very little seems to be written from a moral perspective, ie giving because it’s the right thing to do, a wholesome and ethical way of living, to give without expectations.

    It’s as though generosity could be a precept or for a Christian the 11th commandment. We don’t walk around thinking how good we are because we do not steal! or kill we just accept it as a standard moral value.

    Upon further reflection I realize that there are many people who are like this maybe I to can get there one day! As Chen said it’s not a competition 🙂

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