The Essence of Wisdom

Since no knowledge is better than that by which a man knows himself, let us examine our thoughts, words, and deeds. For what does it avail us if we are to investigate carefully and understand rightly the nature of all things, yet do not understand ourselves?

Liber de Spiritu et Anima, LI. (Migne, P.L., vol. 40, cols. 816-7) (Author unknown)

Quoted in Jung, Aspects of the Masculine, p. 171 note 14.

5 thoughts on “The Essence of Wisdom

  1. sorry, this is off topic but i downloaded Ajahn Brahm’s talk from last night & he said he is in Sydney tomorrow. I tried calling a few places but doesn’t look like he is doing any talks, just wondering if anyone knows differently, it’s been so long since he’s done one in Sydney.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Ajahn Brahm is just in town for one meeting: there is a proposal before the board of directors of Wat Buddhadhamma to make it into a branch of Wat Pa Pong. Ajahn Brahm is currently one of the directors, so this is an important question and he wants to be at the meeting in person. He won’t be giving any talks this time. Good news, we are organizing some talks for him in March – stay tuned for more details.

    • When does the Good Life finish for the year? I just want to check it is on this Friday night as it’s a bit of a trek for me. Thank you Bhante.

    • Hi heidi,

      this week will be the final one before xmas. I’ll be back on Jan 14th. I have to remember to put the changes on the website!

      There’s a midnight meditation at Santi on new years’ eve – hope you can come.

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