Meditation animations & stuff in the Guardian

The Guardian, the world’s most popular online newspaper, has on the front page today some resources for beginner’s meditation. Great for kids and newbies!

5 thoughts on “Meditation animations & stuff in the Guardian

    • Hi terrance,

      Yes, lots! I think almost all the actual meditation instructions in the Suttas are authentic. my problem with the Satipatthana Suttas is not the actual content of the practices, but the manner in which they have been arranged by later redactors, and how that later arrangement has been used by subsequent teachers.

  1. Hi Bhante,

    The problem is most meditation teachers that I encountered seem to teach in certain way, e.g note on the breath in the nose or the abdomen, watch the mind, or bring the mind back to the breath, watch an mind object / icon, see bright lights, check each sense door in sequence, sit in lotus position, endure the pain, move and ease the pain, eyes close, eyes half opened, follow your thoughts, etc.

    I wonder where they all got these – or they just make it up as they go along? Will be great is there is a level by level instruction in the sutta.

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