Ajahn Brahm’s visit to Sydney, and upcoming ordinations

We’re organizing another visit by Ajahn Brahm. This time he’ll give two talks at the Roselea center, as well as perform a samanera ordination at Santi. In addition, Chi Kwang Sunim, abbess of the Seon center and a long-time friend of Santi, will perform samaneri ordination. The dates and details are below.

Ajahn Brahms’ talks

Roselea Community Centre,
647-671 Pennant Hills Rd,

Wednesday 9 March and Thursday 10 March at 7:30pm

Novice Ordinations at Santi

Anagarika Blake, with Ajahn Brahm presiding
Thursday 10 March, 12.00pm

Anagarika Kathryn, with Chi Kwang Sunim presiding
Sunday 13 March, 12.00pm


12 thoughts on “Ajahn Brahm’s visit to Sydney, and upcoming ordinations

    • Hurrah! Much Mudita and gratitude for their going forth and wishes for a long and happy life of blessings in the Triple Gem! _/\_

    • Big Sadhu!!! to the new samaneri and new samanera!

      May your new station help you tire of this kamaloka, and bring you closer to the Uttarimanussa dhamma.

  1. Bhante Sujato,

    couldn’t help noticing a possible error in the link to Ajahn Brahm’s talk…

    it states the 6th of March at the top and a different date at the bottom…

    i think he’s in Perth on the 6th cos there are two Samaneri ordinations on that date here! But Ajahn Brahm is known (as i’m sure you know) for giving of himself in one timezone and then flying off to another to give there on the same day!! Clearly he doesn’t have problems with motion sickness on planes!! 🙂

    • Bhante,

      this is really weird…

      I went to the page and copied and pasted the title here and it has pasted as the 9th…But I swear when i read it and also when i copied it, it said the 6th!! I went and doubled checked and it’s still looks like a six to my eyes…Tell me there’s some hi-tech computer related reason for this and I’m not going round the bend!

      Actually Bhante, I just asked Chris and he said i’m not hallucinating…he read the 6th as well!!


    • That’s very strange. may I ask, what browser and OS are you using? the santi site uses web-delivered @font-face fonts, and i wonder whether your system is confusing them somehow.

    • I too use Safari on a mac and it says 6 & 10th!
      when i copy/pasted it to show it, the 6 turned into a 9!

      i see it as a 6, but when i copy/paste it’s a 9!

      i should make a ‘snapshot’ of the screen and send it to you

    • Using a mac, firefox initially says 9, but then it turns into a 6 a second later
      the same for opera web browser (shows 9 but a second later turns into a 6)
      and chrome went right away into a 6

      so it’s a mac thing rather than a browser specific thing (since all 4 different browsers show 6 on my macbook)

    • Yet another good reason to ditch the Claytons computers and to start using real computers 🙂

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