7 thoughts on “Sigirya panoramas

  1. Just a clarification….Sigiriya cannot be considered an ancient Buddhist site. In fact, probably it should be classified as one of the ‘un-buddhist’ sites. Prince Kasyapa apparently built this fortress to guard against any retaliatory action from his brother after he killed his father, King Dathusena, to become the King. The legend also states that during his time King Dathusena had ordered his workers to build a dam wall by burying a monk who was supposed to have been in jhanas and hence who could not be removed from the work site – pretty gruesome stuff!

  2. Thanks for sharing the “Sigiriya Paranorma” Bhante Sujato !

    Guptila, I read that “after the king’s death, it was used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century”. Maybe that is why it is considered an ancient Buddhist site.

    • iMeditation, now that’s something I did not know – the fact that it was used as a monastery – Interested to know where you found that information. Thanks.

    • Thanks Ruwan, my mistake! I was thinking of the Pali ‘Holy mountain’ (= sirigiri), but as your site explains the Sinhala is ‘Lion Mountain’, a contraction of the Pali sihagiri. Anyway, keep up the great work!

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