The Moment of Peace

Regular contributor to this blog, Dean, has started a new movement, ‘A Moment of Peace’. The goal is for a million people to spend 1 hour in mindful silence at 8:00pm, Saturday 18th June 2011. I’m on retreat at that time, so count me in! Check out the website and see how to contribute.

4 thoughts on “The Moment of Peace

  1. Bhante,

    Thanks so much for supporting this initiative. It is really appreciated!

    Can I please kindly ask anyone interested to visit the website and “vote” to indicate their participation. Thanks.

    Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb

    • Hi emppseaapi,

      Thanks for your email. Actually the map search does work, you just have to expand out the “distance” otherwise you’ll just be searching in a small radius. I’ve set the default wider but I’m thinking you won’t drive 500kms to find a location. 🙂

      I’ll be adding about 300+ locations to the map in the next couple of days 🙂

      In kindness,
      Dean ‘Jagaro’

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