Our prayers for Lama Zopa

Many of you may have heard that the revered Tibetan teacher Lama Zopa has suffered a stroke and is in hospital. Please remember him in your prayers and dedications!

Lama Zopa is the head of the FPMT, the largest group of western monastics in the Tibetan Gelug tradition. For many years he has energetically spread and supported the Dhamma in the west.

A few days ago I spoke with Ven Thubtan Chokyi, a nun in the FPMT order, based at the Vajrayana Inst. Here in Sydney. She was at the retreat in Bendigo, Viictoria, when Lama had his stroke. It came on while he was teaching. And he spoke of the symptoms of the stroke as it progressed: the slurring of the speech, the pressure in the head. But even a stroke didn’t stop him from teaching for three hours!

At first Lama didn’t want to go to hospital , as he would rather be treated in the Tibetan way, but HH Dalai Lama intervened and asked him to go to hospital,

He is now in Bendigo, and will have to stay in Australia for several months recuperation. The prognosis looks good, as there isn’t any brain damage.

It is a time to remember Lama Zopa with gratitude, and to share metta with him and his community as they deal with this difficult time.


2 thoughts on “Our prayers for Lama Zopa

  1. Best Wishes to Lama Zopa, who ever he is, and a speedy recovery…if there is a bright side to this at least his students here in this country will have the benefit of his great presence for a few more months 🙂

  2. Dear Bhante,
    I had not heard about this; thanks so much for posting the news. So glad to hear there doesn’t seem to any any brain damage from the stroke. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Lama Zopa. Much metta and healing wishes to him.

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