8 thoughts on “Thai bhikkhuni photos

  1. This is such a beautiful pictures of bhikkhunis living and practicing in Thailand. Happy Vesak to all lay practitioners and monastics in Thailand.

  2. Some of the Nirodharam Bhikkhunis will be attending the upcoming Sakyadhita Conference on Women in Buddhism, Bangkok, Thailand (June 12-18, 2011) http://www.sakyadhita.org . This is always a wonderful and deeply inspiring gathering of nuns from around the world.
    I’m thinking that some readers of this blog might be able to help with this next conference. At the moment the organisers are urgently looking for people who can translate papers from English to Thai.
    There will be about 1000 Thais participating, and the vision is to have copies of all the papers prepared in Thai for the Thai participants in advance. If anyone can help with translating even just one paper (or knows someone who could help) please contact me (adhimutta@gmail.com) as soon as possible – the deadline for translations is June 01.
    We are also looking for people who can help with English Editing. Once more, volunteers who can edit even one paper would be greatly appreciated.

  3. After listening to a talk by Ajahn Brahmali and Ajahn Sujato and reading what I have of his book I it is more obvious how sexual stereotypes imprison people into certain roles and it is so great to see men and women escaping these conditioned stereoptypes and becoming compassionate human beings rather than “men” and “women”; although it is sad to see some types of buddhism re-enforcing these sterotypes more and more…. but I suppose it takes time for people to evolve.

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