4 thoughts on “Real climate scientists

  1. One hundred years ago, the new science of heredity gave rise to a scientific consensus that was quite as firm as that which now supports climate change. Intelligent, morally respectable men and women read the writing on the wall and put their weight behind scientifically sound political initiatives designed to forestall an impending catastrophe.

    If these eminently sane and sensitive people had been able to write computer models, their computer models would have represented a future where the unchecked propagation of adverse traits had led to an unprecedented ‘Idiocracy,’ to a world of universal sickness and stupidity.

    If these eminently sane and sensitive people had been able to produce music videos, their music videos would have represented squads of photogenic white-coated biologists laying down the bold facts of human genetics atop the rattling throb of a synthesizer.

    This was the verdict of natural science, the most trustworthy and successful of human disciplines. It had to be heeded. And, over the objections of a minority of superstitious and socially irresponsible people, it was.

    Please remember this when you beat the anti-carbon drum. Fossil fuels spin the engine of our ongoing industrial revolution. The success of this revolution will determine the prospects for the advancement of human happiness in this century, for the rescue of billions of voiceless and forgotten people from the prison of rural life.

    • “The Prison of rural life”

      Rural life is a prison? Sure it can be (but ideally and it is not something to take lightly or that can be done easily or overnight) but isn’t it the right/dharmic way to live?

      You would rather get to go sit in a box, beside other people in a box breathing in carbon monoxide working in a box high in the sky detacted from nature, staring at drab blue/grey walls, carpets and furniture lining the large square shapes of the box; no curved surfaces, everything sharpe and angular, pointed, staring at another box all day, allowed to have a break at a certain time to put in the body some toxic chemicals from a machine, all thoughts and actions monitored in line with the dominant box like ideology of mind that controls the rabbit warren you must sit in for a certain time conforming to the goal of the organisation.. ..if you can ever actually work out what the *** that is, or the greedy mind that controls you and everyone else in the box…this is freedom.. and then spending time in another box alongside toxic spewing other boxes for 1/2 – 1 hour …so that for two days of the week you can go to another large area full of things that you must desperately have or you may … what? and be sucked into buying everything you don’t need..and package, stale food wrapped in petroleum… I mean plastic so that you can get sick and go to another ‘institution’ and die ….or just so you have to stay working in the large rabbit warren type box for another year or two to pay off the the “things” you just bought and, (you might even think they may try different coloured carpets and walls, but no, grey blue it is year after year), you didn’t need in the first place..and then end up finally in a box again, for good this time wondering what was all that about? ..that is Freedom?

      any way time to go … I might just meander along the tree-lined street breathing in the fresh air looking at the amazing plants, trees, past the kangaroos grazing the fresh morning air, listening to… silence and the occasional bird songsongs ; buy freshly baked bread and walk home again. Then after an hour or two walk along the same quiet street to work, plenty of time, fresh air, peaceful, quiet… spend a bit of time talkin’ to the family, stop and chat with some people, go to work, get home have time to do some Dharma type stuff, do the shopping in about 30 minutes flat, no ques, not much traffic .. breathing in that fresh, clean, cool air and sleep peacefully in the silence broken only by the gentle sound of rain falling on the roof…yeah living outside the grasp of a large major metropolitan monster is hell, …really.

    • I should have been clearer to say, ‘life in an undercapitalized society.’ The big city can be ugly, and quiet arboreal streets do have their charm. But you can enjoy neither when you are mired in a muddy field in the middle of nowhere every day of your short, afflicted life.

  2. I am sure with abit of initiative, positive thought and intention there is a more meaningful life for anyone “stuck in a muddy hole in the middle of nowhere” – caring for old people, or the sick or disabled, taking on the jobs no one else wants or will do, rescuing animals etc

    I think even Gandi wanted for india a network of as you say “well” capitialised villages rather than the large cities of India, no one listened and look at what has happened. I wish our governments would decentralise more in an ecofriendly sustainable way, it makes much more sense to live simply, we don’t all have to live in MacMansions as seems to be the trend here in the West at least.
    But you are right living simply doesn’t and shouldn’t mean living meaninglessly or in poverty as is the case in many rural villages.

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