Today’s ARRC event in Canberra

We’re bringing a message to Australian politicians today: people of all faiths in Australia cherish the environment, and we want our Government to show real leadership. Climate change cannot be reduced to economics or technology or industry; and using our future to play for political points is profoundly immoral. As living beings we are part of nature, and our lives are bound up with the health of our planet.

I’ll be updating my blog, hopefully, after each meeting.


4 thoughts on “Today’s ARRC event in Canberra

  1. “Mr Sujato”

    Bhante Sujato, representing the Federation of Australian Buddhist councils, said climate change was a profound moral challenge and could not be reduced to merely an economic issue.

    Mr Sujato called for bipartisanship on the issue.

    “Australia in its global perspective is a laggard in its response to climate change and I think we can do much better,” he said.

    Read more:

    • Why? sounds alright to me, not that I would know; especially like the bit about profound moral challenge not just economic.

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