A shocking reminder…

A group called TrustLaw has just released a list of the five worst countries to be a woman. The details are distressing, but essential: a sobering reminder of just how much brutality the women of this world endure every day. The fact that Afghanistan tops the list is no surprise, but is especially ironic given how the status of women was regularly trotted out as one of the reasons to go to war.

How can we live in a world that just lets this happen? And how can it be that most of the world’s religions still treat women as lesser beings?


3 thoughts on “A shocking reminder…

  1. It is a problem when there is physical abuse or financial problems for women, but if they can survive and study the scriptures or whatever so what, who really wants to be part of any religion that sees women as lesser anyway, who who wants to be around men like that – it is like saying oh no the local football club won’t let women play football umm yeah so what. Or the local gossiping knitting club won’t let men join – as if you want to.

    As long as women have access to what they need to find enlightenement at least that is something – if men want to see women as lesser, build clubs around bashing horns together and ignore women , shut them out or just let in the young, pretty and compliant… they are welcome to each other, in the end it is their problem and their karma.

  2. I am surprised that India is amongst those countries considering it was the country of the Buddha. This is also shocking since India previously had a woman Prime Minister. I think that the only way to help these countries is to spread the teachings of the Lord Buddha on compassion and equality. Enforcing our principles onto the culture will probably be met with resistance. Teaching the true Dhamma might open their hearts to another way of behavior.

  3. Last night Channel 4 in the UK aired truly horrific footage of the atrocities that occurred in the final months of the civil war Sri Lanka.

    Here is a link to an editorial from the Guardian newspaper:


    The documentery can be viewed globaly on the Channel 4 website

    I also posted this comment at another place in the blog but have posted it again as I thought it may not get scene and I feel thatt is important. I also thought that it also fits in with Bhante Sujato’s comment “How can we live in a world that just lets this happen? “. Please excuse me for this.

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