Help raise funds for children’s cancer ward in Sri Lanka

A message from our friends. Please help if you can!

I’m writing to you all with a humble request to help some poor cancer children in Sri Lanka. A group of people who are personally known to me are raising funds to build a pediatric cancer ward in the Jafna General/teaching hospital in Sri Lanka. It’s carried out by MAS Holdings who was my employer when in Sri Lanka and they’re collecting money all across the nation and reaching out to everyone with a warm kind heart to help in this worthy cause.

MAS holdings has embarked on an initiative to walk from Dondra in the south to Point Pedro in the north from 01st to 27th July, spanning 670km. Titled “Trail – a journey by the living, for life”, their aim is to raise US$ 2mn to develop a Pediatric Cancer Ward at the Jafna Teaching Hospital and help those who have little or no access to cancer treatment facilities as there is only one cancer hospital for the whole country and that’s in the Colombo district.

Please see the attached website and links on You tube as to the progress they are making and I think it’s a very noble deed to give a second chance in life to these suffering children. Take a moment to read more about Trail and the Colours of Courage Trust and how you can help by visiting the websites/link and

Please I ask you all to be generous and donate any amount to this fund raiser to build a pediatric cancer ward in the northern part of Sri Lanka. This project is on only until July 27nd 2011 donations can be made through credit cards by clicking the below link or pasting it on the browser, for payments of any amount in USD. There are no minumum amounts required, any contribution is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Its a very meritorious act of metta to help the sick, suffering and the poor to relive their pain and make them stronger and well. And helping them live a normal life again.

It’s our duty as able citizens to do our part and help raise money for it, and help by passing this message on to all friends and family with a warm and generous heart…..

Appreciate your support in this regard.



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