Buddhism and Empiricism

A friend has just sent me a terrific article on Buddhism and empiricism – thanks, Don! It’s by Carlo Fonseka, and appears in the Sri Lanka Guardian. It gives a very nice summary of the history and role of empiricism in Western philosophy, and goes on to discuss the main contributions towards reconciling Buddhism and empiricism. Kudos for the point that, as empiricism itself is an inexact search for knowledge, any marriage of Buddhism and empiricism can only be partial and problematic – but necessary nonetheless.


Appeal for help with elderly monks

We have previously posted information about the good work that is being done by Ven Amilasiri in looking after elderly monks at his monastery near Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. They now care for about 45 elderly monks, who have nowhere else to go.

Unfortunately, the monastery is now threatened, as the adjacent plot of land, from which they have taken their water supply, is being sold. They urgently need to raise funds for buying the land so they can secure their water supply long term.

Information on the situation is in the pdf file here. The plight of the monastery is being highlighted by the Buddhist Relief Mission, run by Kenneth and Visakha Kawasaki. (You may remember Visakha as a sometime contributor to this blog.)

Donations can be made through the website of Buddhist Relief Mission.

UPDATE: I have been informed by some of the supporters of the monastery that due to the kindness of donors, half of the necessary funds have been raised, and they now need about 6 lakhs. (Sorry, I don’t know the conversion!) Thanks to everyone for their support, and I hope the full amount can be reached soon.