Buddhist text resources

Here’s a list of links submitted by commenter Buddhafolk, with a lot of resources for those interested to study Buddhist scriptures in more detail. I’ve added a couple of extras. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

Access to Insight has a vast range of Suttas and other texts well translated in English. A no-nonsense portal into the world of Buddhist scripture.

840000.co is an ambitious new project to translate all the Buddha’s words into English. Finally the effort is being made! Check it out, and see if you want to sponsor a page. No texts are available yet, but they promise they will appear this year.

Suttacentral is a comprehensive database of the texts in the four Pali Nikayas, together with their corresponding texts in Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and other languages. It includes detailed references for the text correspondences, as well as links to the original texts and, where available, modern translations.

The Buddhist Literary Heritage Project

The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism has many links a valuable resource for translators and students of Buddhism

Wikipedia has a list of the contents but has no links per line, there are resources tho’

Columbia University

Relevant Resources of Chinese Classical Studies at Princeton

Sacred Texts Archives -Buddhism


Fodian Net

International Dunhuang Project

Buddhanet.net has a large pdf collection of all the traditions sutras and many short courses for self-study.

Translations of Gampo Abbey

Free Dharma Texts from Budaedu in Taiwan (you pay the postage they list that’s all) – note all schools listed and most Chinese temples have them all in their librarys and to give away.

Early Buddhists Manuscript Project

An absolutely huge collection of various masters works translated into english – explore others on the sidebar besides Han Shan’s poetry.

Mahayana Sutras in English

Numata Center

Alphonses Taisho Tripitaka index in english and chinese

Tibetan and Himalayan library


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