Help the Buddhist Council of NSW

The Buddhist Council is seeking an Assistant to the General Manager.

This role is extremely varied, can be challenging, and is very fulfilling. You know that you are really helping the whole Buddhist community.

The person we need will have good communication and organising skills, so you can effectively supervise other volunteers in the office and assist the general public when they have questions.

On any day you can expect a variety of activities … greeting visiting monks … dealing with queries from media and Government … arranging meetings for our volunteer teams … visiting the post office. This role has contact with all traditions and cultures of Buddhism and our community programs include prison and hospital chaplaincy, education in schools, ecology and humanitarian projects and even assistance for Buddhist societies. All of this and more.

You will be supported by on-the-job training from the General Manager, Board of Directors, Coordinators and other volunteers. Initial trial and training will take place on Thursdays and/or Fridays after which times/days can be negotiated.

A modest monthly stipend is payable for this part-time role.

If interested please email (by 22 November) to including:

* full name

* contact details

* relevant experience/skills

All applications welcomed, so please forward to people you know.

The successful candidate will become a vital part of the Buddhist Council and the Buddhist Community.


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