Please help Justin James Bridges

Here’s a message from our good friend Jackie Miller, a former resident of Santi (is that a ‘Santista’?). She’s been on the front lines at Occupy Portland, and sent the following message asking for help for one of the people injured in the protests.

Dear friends,

My good friend Justin James Bridges was severely injured by police on Nov. 13 during the eviction of Occupy Portland. Justin was defending our right to peacefully assemble by standing in solidarity outside of the Chapman Square camp in downtown Portland when he was pulled into the park by police after falling and injuring his back. Although injured, his hands were zip tied by police and he suffered further injuries while in police custody. Justin is a blues guitarist/singer and was the sign language interpreter for Occupy Portland. His right hand is injured, leaving him without any livelihood until he heals. He has no health insurance and is in need of ongoing care and therapy. He still can’t walk under his own power and has been referred to a neurologist. See for more about Justin.

If you feel moved to contribute to medical expenses for Justin, here is the link to his Paypal account. Any amount helps. More importantly, please send good wishes and spread the word via social media, etc. Feel free to call me with questions.

Justin James Bridges recovery fund:



2 thoughts on “Please help Justin James Bridges

  1. Dear Bhante Sujato,

    Sentient Publications is proud to announce the new book Buddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every Cell, by Samuel Avery, distributed by National Book Network. I think that your readers might be interested in hearing about it.

    This ground-breaking book explores the connection between meditation and modern physics. Kalapa, the Buddhist term for a subtle sensation, is a point of consciousness in the body. Barely noticeable most of the time, it fills awareness during meditation. It is the voice of a cell, and this book shows that it is also the quantum. Buddha and the Quantum describes how experience in the physical world is built not from objective reality, but from experience within.

    Samuel has written a series of books and articles on the relation of physics and consciousness and has practiced meditation daily for the past forty-one years.

    Please let me know if you would like more information about Sam and the book or if you would like a review copy of Buddha and the Quantum.


    Connie Shaw
    Sentient Publications

    • Hi Connie,

      Thanks for letting us know about this, it sounds like a fascinating book.

      It’s very kind to offer me a review copy – no-one’s ever done that before!

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