Bhikkhuni Ordination at Spirit Rock

Better late than never. After being one of the most vocal supporters of bhikkhuni ordination, I unaccountably omitted blogging about the recent bhikkhuni ordination at Spirit Rock, California. My apologies to all, I beg the Triple Gem of excuses: busyness, disorganizationedness, and illness (a bout of flu hit Santi a month ago – yes, we’re all recovering, thanks!).

On October 17, three nuns took full ordination: Venerables Anandabodhi, Santacitta, and Nimmala. Congratulations to all those who took part, and especially to the three new bhikkhunis!

Venerables Anandabodi, Santacitta, and Nimmala receive full ordination

You can see details of the ordination here, photos here, messages from the nuns and the community here, and watch the video slideshow below.

Also, check out the film project on bhikkhuni ordination by Wiriya and Katrina – we’ll keep you posted as this develops.


2 thoughts on “Bhikkhuni Ordination at Spirit Rock

  1. They say a picture tells a thousands word, well I must say that picture looks nice!

    That looks just how you might imagine a Bhikkhuni Buddhist ordination would look or should look, not that I like to use “shoulds”.

    Obviously they are not ordaining into Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Monestry because they are not being forced to be subserviant to the Monk it would seem, nor are they ordaining into a Vajrayana Monestry because (as older women) they do not appear to be being forced into subserviance to the young fit favourite “superior” women of the Buddhist Lamas.

  2. Great video, I am touched each time I watch. The Bhikkunis look serene and beautiful beyond words to me. Sadhu. I am very inspired and I hope someday I have the good fortune to be in that state of mind ! May we realise the way to Budha’s happiness in this life itself.

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