Global Conference on Buddhism, Jakarta

The Buddhist Fellowship of Indonesia has just hosted a Global Conference on Buddhism in Jakarta. Sadhu to all the wonderful people who helped make it happen. I hope to write some more on it when I get some time. Also, if anyone has photos, please send them to me so I can post them.

But for now, I just wanted to mention this amazing charity, under the auspices of the BFI, called Pintu Belajar. They do wonderful work in helping poor and underpriveliged children in Indonesia to get an education. Check out their website, and do help if you can!


3 thoughts on “Global Conference on Buddhism, Jakarta

  1. Dear Bhante,

    Totally off topic, but I do not know how to reach Ajahn Brahm.

    I have a very old friend who teaches English at an elementary school in Budapest. Hungary. I lent her Ajahn Brahm’s first book a long long time ago, and had no idea if she ever read it. But yesterday when I met her, she told me that one of her English students, a girl of 14 had won the second prize in an English pronunciation competion by reading out Ajahn Brahm’s story The Biggest Thing in the World.

    Buddhamas greetings and many thanks to Ajahn Brahm for his inspiration!

    Roni (and the teacher friend Nelli)

    • Hi Bhikkhu Brahmali,

      I was just wondering if you have an answer to that quesiton on the Dhammaloka Website as to if the nuns there still follow the 8 rules, …

      I mean seriously it is a bit out-dated isn’t it?

      Does it really set a good example for young women?

      Actually if I had a daughter I wouldn’t even want her to get involved in any religion that seems to suggest women are inferior and men need to act like mysoginists be be religious?

      I can understand it may still happen in the Eastern countries but in the West?

      With Metta


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