Pali Chanting Online?

I’m trying to find some good Pali chanting online, and it’s not an easy task.

The best, always and forever, is Dhammaruwan ( He recited endless hours of Pali suttas, perfectly, without hesitation or mistakes, from the age of about three to seven. here’s a challenge: listen without having spine-chills!

Beautiful as this is, the quality of the recordings doesn’t let you hear the precise sounds very clearly. I’m interested specifically in materials that will be useful for the Pali class we’re starting soon, so I have a number of requirements:

1. Single voice (for clarity)
2. Pronouce Pali properly (so Sinhalese for example; no Thai, Burmese…)
3. Reasonable quality recordings
4. Central canonical Pali texts (iti pi so, etc.)
5. Simple chanting style
6. Pleasant to listen to

From our wonderful commenters, we now have the following resources. For my purposes the best sources are these:

Here are some other sources. (Sinhala)

24 thoughts on “Pali Chanting Online?

  1. Buddhist Society of WA distributes a tape/CD of chanting. I doubt there’d be any difficulty getting permission to put the contents online.

    • Thanks, Josh!

      Actually, I have a long-term plan to do high quality chanting recordings in our big cave. We have just finished making the doors, which helps to keep it acoustically silent. (Which isn’t any help right now – due to the record high rainfall this summer (Thanks, La Nina!) there’s a steady drip of water in the cave.

      We have a good recorder, but we need a couple of high quality mics to do a really good job. When we’re set up, we will invite chanters of various kinds to make recordings in our cave…

  2. There is a growing collection of texts at, both in English and Pali. I can’t remember if the itipiso passage can be found in any of them, but they surely meet all the other criterion(Sri Lankan, single voice, clear, simple, pleasant). About 24 new suttas from the MN are going to be posted in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

    • Thanks, that’s useful. The chants are unusual: it is in Thai style, but the reciters, while having a strong Thai accent, get the Pali pronunciation mostly correct.

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