My vassa

Hi all,

Just a voice from the wilderness here. I’m at my dad’s place in Coffs Harbor, enjoying the quiet and lack of stuff! I haven’t got much to say at the moment, so here’s a few photos.

The back yard

Chandra fixes stuff.

Dad, Stanley, and Nisu on the back porch.


8 thoughts on “My vassa

  1. Dear Ajahn Sujato,
    We are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the tranquility and having a peace of mind.
    I shall be much obliged if you could contact me on my mobile 0448 661 880 or at your convenience.
    Amith Attygalle
    3 Oct 2012

  2. Bhante,
    Thank you for the pictures. I’m sure that I am not the only one who has found support for my own practice over the past three months by calling on the awareness that you were out there somewhere engaged in your own practice. I did and do. Your teachings – online and in “print” – have resonated for me in essential ways over the past three years. In those three years, my ten plus year practice which was a bit meandering and scattered has become a practice that is fully energized, focused and functioning. Thank you.

    • Such a lovely comment!
      Thanks for the photos and the update Bhante!
      It so gladdens the heart when we know our teachers are well.
      And to see your lovely Dad.
      And ChandraJi!!!
      A deep bow, to all.

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