Monkhood is ripe for reform

Here’s a commentary by the Bangkok Post on the relevance of the Papal election in the context of Thai Buddhism. It’s fascinating how such a straightforward call for reform and analysis of the problems is in a mainstream newspaper. We have heard such calls from time to time; perhaps this time something will come of it.


4 thoughts on “Monkhood is ripe for reform

  1. Dear Friends

    Actually the purpose of such a call is not that noble at it might seem. The common people love Dhamma-Vinaya (as most do not really know it but have it simply as an object of hope and desire) and like the tradition to be followed their common ways, so that it can be their.

    I guess it’s good if the Church cares much about worldly issues and a transcendent way stays open at the same time. It’s really not needed to make all equal as if we would mix a lot of turbid water with some clean water the result would be a lot of turbid water at least.

    Nice that the church (generally worldly religious institutions) take care of such more and more, and it would be nice that some realize that they don’t need to become worldly institutions like other worldly successful.
    Being worldly successful is and was just a side effect of walking the path to success, step by step.

    Honestly, I am not happy of such calls if they come from sides which are for sure not very free of defilement. I guess many underestimate the present strong defilement – rate in Asia very much. Its a huge Brahma Realm of conceit and maya. Better to train to give them back some teachings on modesty.


  2. I read the article. At the bottom of the page – not of the article, but of the website – was an add. What was for sale? Single, Thai women. Imagine the possible changes – pure, profound and far reaching – that could be wrought in that already amazing country, if those women had another option…

    Forget the corrupt members of the Bhikkhu Sangha…support the fledgling Bhikkhuni Sangha!

    They’re not tied to any official bueracracies and so are free to be as the Buddha truly intended.

    My Thai friend recently told me how she was looking after a Bhikkhuni and when an ordinary dress maker and a street vendor selling fruit came to know about this, they asked to be able to support her in some simple way and expressed inspiration and joy that ‘female monks’ existed.

    Lets protect the Bhikkhuni Sangha in whatever ways we are able to and let the Bhikkhuni Sangha protect itself and us all, by not following the paths to corruption that some in the Bhikkhu Sangha have sadly chosen.

  3. Would you consider doing a Dharma-talk on hell in Buddhism and uploading it to YouTube? Some of the imagery of people being tortured for millions or billions of years in constant agony is quite disturbing. What is one to make of this? How much of it stems from the historical Buddha? Monks and nuns I have talked to from a Tibetan lineage take this quite literally. It would be nice to hear a thorough explanation from a more liberal viewpoint. Or can you recommend an English book that deals with the subject in depth?

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