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Dear friends,

For the past few years I’ve been involved with the group AABCAP, who have run a wonderful course on Buddhism and Psychotherapy. We’ve planned to make a book based on the course, and have interest from a publisher. However, we need an editor. We don’t have any funds available, so I’m afraid it is strictly a volunteer job. If there’s anyone with the skills and time, and of course interest, to help out with this, we’d love to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “Seeking an editor

  1. Dear Ajahn Sujato I have been a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition since 1997. Before and during that time (I had to support myself) I was a freelance editor (and proofreader/writer/designer) mainly for magazines but also, year ago, for couple of books for Penguin NZ. I have also assisted a couple of authors with their book projects. Recently I have been accepted to assist with the editing of translated texts for Dzongskar Khyentse Rinpoche’s project 84,000, which aims to translate and publish the whole canon of sutras. If my background sounds suitable for editing your book, I would be happy to help you. Incidentally I also have a BA in Psychology, though haven’t officially used that part of the degree for many years. Please let me know if my offer interests you; if I don’t hear back from you I will assume it doesn’t. With best wishes, Tenzin Chosang.

  2. For several years I edited the English translations and commentaries of an Australian Lama living in Nepal. We did this via the Internet. He would send me PDFs and I would attach stickies in the margin indicating things I felt needed to be “fixed”. I have an MA in English literature and taught secondary school English for many years. For the last 20 years before I retired, I was the administrative assistant for the medical director of a paediatric neuro-rehabilitation program. I transcribed the doctor’s dictation for medical-legical reports for various lawyers representing our patients/clients.

    I live in Canada, yes, half-way around the world, and am moving this weekend to a smaller, quieter location north of the city.

    If you are unable to locate someone nearer and would like to send me a “sample” as a test of my worthiness, that would be fine.

    • Hi Tom,

      Just to let you know, we just emailed you (and other volunteers) but you email bounced. For now, anyway, we are going to start with Sydney-based volunteers, and see how we go.

      Who, if I may ask, was the Australian lama living in Nepal? It sounds fascinating!

    • Hello, Bhante

      I moved on 9 August and set up a notice that I would be back on line by 12 August. Since I moved my account to my new location my IP cancelled my e-mail account for reasons only they can understand. I cannot access it, but I talked to the technical support desk last night and was informed that everything would be put right by Monday (yes, there were copious apologies … from the IP). I’ll tell you all about my background in editing when I can log onto my e-mail account. Unfortunately, your message to me was not there. I didn’t know that vacation (! as if !) responses did that! If you could re-send your message, I’ll happily tell you all about m editing past!

      It makes sense for you to start with local help. My experience editing by e-mail, while rewarding, was also frustrating for both me and the Lama: highlighting text in a PDF, posting a sticky beside the highlighted text, writing possible revisions and reasons for the revisions, sending it off, waiting for a response, revising revisions … these are things that are probably better done if one can sit down with a printed text, write notes and hand it over. Sure, it’s basically the same, just not quite so “distant”!

  3. I don’t know how much help I can offer, but here it is FWIW.

    For the last 20 years before donning the robes I was a technical writer in Silicon Valley, Calif.

    For much of the past decade I have been involved with Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy; mostly I do typesetting and proofreading (although I lack the sharp proofreader’s eye). I am also a general technical resource, being the volunteer webmaster for, and wrote their membership database application. .

    I also hold a Diploma in General Counseling, as well a Certificate in Family Counseling, both earned here in Sri Lanka.

    I recently edited Dramatherapy in Sri Lanka by Ravindra Ranasighe.

    I would be willing to put in some time on the editing team.

  4. Dear Ven Sujato,

    I’ll speak to a few professional editors and see whether they are happy to do this one free of charge.

    Stand by.



    8 Aug 2013


  5. Bhante, I’ll share your request with a friend in NSW Editors society. Might turn up something.

    Also, I’d be happy to support via a proofread/copycheck when the project is further down the production path, if that would be of any help.

    • Thanks so much Jacqui, and all those who have offered their help. That’s an amazing response! We will be replying to each of you individually soon: I’m only disappointed that we don’t have work for all of you!

      However, and now my crafty mind is starting to work, perhaps some of you might also be interested in doing proofreading or similar tasks for SuttaCentral? We have large numbers of texts that need checking, and in some cases, typing up, as well as HTML markup jobs. These will all be texts or translations of Early Buddhist Suttas, Vinaya, and so on. Let me know if any of this sounds interesting!

    • Dear Ven Sujato

      I recently discovered your blog and noticed the call for people to assist with proofreading etc for SuttaCentral.

      I’m happy to help if you are still in need of volunteers.

      I’m a retired public servant, living in Perth. I recently returned from India, where I spent much of last year editing and proofreading for Geshe Lakhdor, Director, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala.

  6. I cannot understand why there is a need to identify or classify Buddhism into Eastern Buddhism & Western Buddhism. To me it sounds somewhat cultural & commercial.. likewise with all those tradition names that only divide Buddhism, the Sangha & lay buddhists. Buddhism should just be called Buddhism which is one universal teaching of the Buddha. Is there a different teaching? In the sky there is no distinction of East or West. Please take it as a constructive criticism & ignore if taken otherwise.

  7. Ciao Sujato,
    I am practically drowning in stress with my studies in Architecture but I would love to do some proofreading etc. My previous background is Philosophy so if you require some clarification regarding the logic of argumenation used I may be of some help.

  8. Dear Venerable Sujato

    Greetings from Hong Kong! I am overjoyed to hear that there is a volunteering opportunity for propagating the Dhamma!

    I am Andrew from Hong Kong. Every year when Ven. Ajahn Brahm’s Hong Kong visit in February, I help with all the coordination work concerned (including the fund-raising dinner and Ven Hasapanna’s visit in June just this year). I also translated during Venerable’s retreats and Dhamma talks (you may wish you ask Ajahn Brahm for confirmation). During the previous years, I worked with, a Buddhist website in Hong Kong headed by Dr Venerable Dhammapala, under which I edited a number of Dhamma books, including the Chinese translation of Venerable Ajahn Brahms’ Anapanasati Sutta, Satipatthana, Venerable Sakkaro’s Path to Purification, and helped with the editorial work of the bi-annual Book B magazine as well as other books. (You may wish you check on website)

    Here we have a Centre for Buddhist Studies in the University of Hong Kong and I am now sitting in the courses in the Centre. I am also actively helping with the Centre’s work if time allows, like in the conference later this month.

    I am more than happy to help in either of the projects digitally! SuttaCentral is such a meaningful project, and my own studies in Early Buddhism could not have happened without it. I am more than happy to contribute to such a valuable digital resource and help with the propagation of Early Buddhism. Any work will do for me, either proofreading or any sort of other editorial work, as long as it helps with the propagation of the Dhamma. Thank you so much for all the work on Buddhism over the previous years, Bhante, without which Buddhism may not have prospered so much in Australia!

    Thank you again Venerable for all the work on the Dhamma! Hope I could have the chance to contribute in helping with Dhamma work!

    if you need more information about myself, pelase let me know Venerable!

    With Metta
    Andrew, from Hong Kong

    ** For your information, my education is a BA in English studies from HKU. I am planning to study the Master of Buddhist Studies in the coming year, and if opportunity allows, I may pursue even higher studies in Buddhism. Locally I am interested in sitting in the university lectures to foster lifelong learning myself.

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