No Early Buddhism course 2014

Dear friends,

We had a great response to our early Buddhism course last year, and we were really looking forward to doing something similar next year. We had a number of discussions about it, and there were some excellent ideas.

However, after discussion, Ajahn Brahmali and myself have decided not to run the course or a similar course next year. Not out of lack of interest, but simply out of lack of time. I will be almost constantly travelling from the end of the vassa until March, while Ajahn Brahmali will be starting building new kutis at Bodhinyana. In addition, I am wanting to put my main
energies for the next year or so into SuttaCentral; and as part of that, Ven Brahmali has undertaken a complete revision of the translation of the Pali Vinaya.

Hopefully we will be able to do something the following year, 2015.

I know that many of your were looking forward to the course, so please accept our apologies!


3 thoughts on “No Early Buddhism course 2014

  1. Rats, it was too good to be true! But attending to Sutta Central is awesome and will bring wider and longer lasting benefits. Go, Bhante! It brings great joy to see your incredible gifts in full service of the Dhamma. Thank you! _/\_

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