Sydney Metta Retreat, 8–15 November, 2013

Dear friends,

I’m teaching a metta retreat in Sydney in November. I’ve posted this before, but here’s a reminder. I’d love to see you there! Here’s the details:

Mettā is the unconditional loving-kindness that reaches out to encompass all beings. In mettā meditation, we learn to be free from the shackles of selfishness that constrict our emotional capacity. The practical, step-by-step approach expored in this retreat, goes beyond mere words into a direct experience of boundless, universal love.


Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, Minto Heights.

The Retreat Centre is conveniently located about one hour from the heart of Sydney. It is easily accessible by public transport and provides simple, shared accommodation for approximately 40 people in a beautiful bush setting on the George’s River. Camping facilities available.

For venue details see:


$295 per sperson.

The teaching is provided without charge and is by donation. The cost covers accommodation, all meals and other logistics. Healthy, home-made vegetarian meals will be provided.

To make a booking or for more information email Deepika at or call 040 327 3152.

Download the Metta Retreat Flyer pdf, November 8–15 2013

10 thoughts on “Sydney Metta Retreat, 8–15 November, 2013

  1. Dear Bhante,

    I’m writing to you from Poland, I have written to you in April this year and asked about bhikkhuṇī ordination in Amaravati. I was accepted by Amaravati Sangha as a candidate for anagarika ordination and now I’m visiting my parents before I formally ask for Sangha acceptance wich will happen probably in the end of October. I had a little issue, because I mentioned to one of the Ajahns there, that Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahm are good examples for me and I [very] like their teachings. This new was spread around the monks and one anagarika, samanera and bhikkhu told me that Ajahn Sujato was criticized Ajahn Sumedho and Amaravati and all that… But no one of them mentioned about your apologies, so now I know much about what’s going on there. Actually this Ajahn who talked with me and who reported my interesting in your and Ajahn Brahm’s teaching on monks gathering, only wanted to know if I am sure that Amaravati is right place for me and if I will be happy here. He said that in the future it would be possible to organize trip to Australia if my intention to visit one of the monasteries there will be still clear. But younger part of the Amaravati’s men community was afraid, when I asked questions about bhikkhuṇīs. Actually I talked only with two monks, but they didn’t want to talk about it, saying that this is too political aspect of Buddhism and they don’t like to talk about it. So probably more of them thinks similar, but not all, I hope…

    I ask this question to Ajahn Sundara at group meeting over tea and answer was encouraging and acceptable, because she said that bhikkhuṇī ordination in Amaravati is possible, but!… 🙂 There are two groups. One say ‘yes’ and second one say… ‘nooo’, If I understood correctly, because my English is not so good. I’m coming back in 12th of October and I plan to talk with her personally and mention what you said about bhikkhuṇī ordination in the answer of my question in April, because it’s very interesting and I remembered one thing from that: “So there is no legal, Vinaya, or practical reason for the monks at Amaravati to oppose bhikkhuṇī ordination.” Hopefully it will happen in this lifetime. I’m truly happy to be here in Amaravati and live with Ajahn Amaro who broach the topic of bhikkhuṇī ordination in Theravada tradition in 1993 in Dharmasala and said that: “Seeing the nuns not receiving the respect given to the monks is very painful. It is like having a spear in your heart”. It is recorded on DVD “In conversation with the Dalai Lama.” Now these words became like a mantra in my mind and I try to do whatever I can to remove this spear from the heart of the Dhamma.

    There is also one thing which I wanted to inform you, I’ve got true inspiration from reading your articles: “Why Buddhist should be vegetarians?” and “Should we ban live sheep export?”. Also when I heard the name of the Sutta from Digha Nikaya, called Aggañña Sutta… You said that this Sutta is one of your favorite Suttas, I feel the same, but for me is probably the favorite Sutta, also because I don’t know the Suttas well, but this Sutta truly determine a turning point in my life and I feel deep gratitude and appreciation to the Lord Buddha for such a wonderful teaching. Thank you Bhante for “One Breath” and introducing Aggañña Sutta, Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu! Now I decided to continue what you started. I would like to translate these two “Why Buddhist should be vegetarian?” and “Should we ban live sheep export?” into Polish and write a summation and my commentary which will be named: “Why Buddhist should be vegans?” After Polish version (which will be posted on I’ll try my best to make English as well and post on your blog, for the benefit of many. It will be quite controversial, but if one want to discover a truly and deep meaning of the teachings, that usually become controversial. One of the female anagarikas from Amaravati which is vegan, Anagarika Varadā, told me very short story of your life as a animal rights activist and you used to be vegan before your uposampada ordination. She spent a six months in Santi as anagarika. Ajahn Sucitto praised her vegan food when she was cooking in Cittaviveka-Chithurst.

    Thank you for many inspirations!

    Much Metta

  2. I think I will start a movement that only allows for perfect peaceful enlightened women and then preach to everyone else that they have to put up with abuse, samsara and forgive all “bad” people… while I live only with peaceful enlightened people.

  3. Tony Abbott’s policies on Work for the Dole are draconian in some ways.

    If people recieved the dole and also were paid $50.00 to do work for the dole on top of this then this would not only encourage people to work, it would help support businesses and organisations that cannot afford to pay employees.

    Forcing people to work for the dole to pay for the dole is wrong considering the wastage and people recieving tax payers money who basicaly do nothing but spend their time destroying organisations to keep their own jobs and empire build for themselves.

  4. Dear Ajahn Sujato

    I hope you are well.

    I’ll be coming to the retreat and am really looking forward to it.

    Thought you might like to hear my first attempt at a Buddhist joke ….

    What did the Buddhist do with his brand new Canon camera? ……… He took a “No Selfie”

    • Of course, if I was a postmodern Buddhist academic, I would reply with a lengthy and heavily annotated essay on how the very idea of a “canon” was a postcolonial imposition…

  5. Greetings in Anjali Bhante

    thot to share the wonders of metta…
    The experiences in meditation… Metta Karaniya Sutta… as a mother loves her only child… the extent of that metta that goes beyond…
    Women’s Rights News
    Liked · November 3

    Lou Xiaoying now 88 and suffering from kidney failure found and raised over 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Zhejiang province where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish #shero


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