9 thoughts on “Things that might save us from climate change: (1) Hollywood?

  1. Nice choice bhante…you know around late 90’s they (Hollywood) saved our planet from Armageddon
    ? I think it was Bruce Willis who gave his life for us..that is why he is not on this mission:-) if nothing else happens this will be a good awareness campaign..Morals, Composure and Wisdom will save us as always..but seriously this is a much more effective way to give a message to the masses!

    • But doesn’t Hollywood equally often consign us to oblivion? From what I’ve seen in random adds and articles, it seems that there’s a lot of doomsday culture out there. I can’t help but wonder if this is an expression of unexpressible fears…

  2. Dear Bhante,

    The first episode is here for free viewing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvhCnYvxQQ

    My first automatic reactive (and naturally negative) thought was suspicion: why did these people, including my hero Harrison Ford (Hun Solo from Star Wars), take part in this project? Were their concerns genuine? Is it just a refreshing way to promote their business?

    I still don’t know, but the fact that this cable TV posted this film on Youtube for free viewing could perhaps show that they do care for this planet more than their profits.

    And I still believe in the power of goodness. If those people are genuine, time will tell. And if so, they could be a very powerful voice to get people’s attention. Someone commented on Youtube that it’s not what is said — it’s about who says it. And that is human nature. We tend to believe all the 10 things the Buddha cautioned us not to ‘totally’ rely on for truth. We still tend to follow the leaders, the crowd, the fashions,…

    So, people with influential power, including the Sangha, could do lots to save the world. With convincing evidence presented and with teaching by example, they could easily have a great number of people follow their suggestions.

    We don’t know whether what little things we do can save the world, but we will have done what, to our best knowledge, needs to be done.

    With greatest respect,

    • Hmm.. In a way, that anyone is able to access and share any information freely at any time, without the support of governments or big companies. Organizing large movements has never been easier (in theory). As the environment is a truely global issue corncerning everyone, I couldn’t imagine a solution without a global and decentralized information network, like the internet. But of course, there are other issues. A lot of information also means a lot of rubbish and a lot of being confused, which sources are trustworthy. Not to forget, that using the internet consumes a lot of energy and is actively contributing to climate change..

    • And as value/money might also play an important role, in saving the world, crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, might be of importance. Crypto currencies are basically the “internet for money”, (not to mistake with “money for the internet”) meaning a global & decentralized payment network, which doesn’t need the authority of banks to function. Of course, there are other problems with “cryptos”, but as another “first time in the history of mankind” its definitly interesting.

    • Interesting. Perhaps I might look at that more in a future post. Of course, as a Theravadin, I have to ask: are Bitcoins allowed in the Vinaya?

    • Sorry, I’m not an expert on loopholes. ;D
      But I’m sure the Buddha mentioned it somewhere!

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