Mitra Conference 2014

We just finished the Mitra Conference for 2014. Thanks so much to everyone who put it together!

The two days were uplifting and inspiring, and I got the chance to catch up with lots of old friends, and some new ones.

3 thoughts on “Mitra Conference 2014

  1. Thanks for the appreciation Bhante! We’d be glad to have you back at the next conference if your schedule permits!! I missed out on your talk on the first day, but I heard it was quite interesting and relevant. But I did manage to catch the panel discussion on the last day about ‘competition’. It was wonderful to see monastics from different traditions and lay people come to such similar conclusions. The popular attitude of ‘fight,fight,fight’ seems so prevalent in our economy, politics and especially in education. But the fact that there are those who believe in the alternatives of cooperation and letting go of wanting to always win was refreshing. Too often I forget the dhamma can shed light on such problems. I left the end of the conference feeling just that little more optimistic and inspired! The whole topic also relates well to the last post on here about capitalism.

  2. Dear Bhante,

    Do you know if the organiser will post the talks online to inspire those who couldn’t attend the conference?

    With much respect,


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