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Just to let you know, I’ve gone through the old comments that built up during my long absence from this blog earlier this year. Hopefully if you’ve left a comment it should appear now, and my apologies for taking so long to get around to it. If you’ve raised a question that I haven’t answered, please be so kind as to remind me!

For those who asked for copies of the metta meditation study, I will email you soon.

If your (relevant and meaningful) comment doesn’t appear, it’s probably my mistake. This blog gets lots of hateful, idiotic, abusive, and plain old crazy comments. You don’t see them, because I filter them before they appear. Sometimes it’s from people who are ideological warriors in defense of their imaginary tradition; but mostly it’s people with messed up heads just blatting it out there. Being a monk is like being a lightning rod. Mostly the energy is illuminating, but sometimes it’s just awful.

Anyway, so this is just to invite you to resubmit if I’ve overlooked your comment. Most likely I accidentally deleted it along with the rubbish.

7 thoughts on “Old comments

  1. Dear Bhante Sujato I´m very new about reading and studying the pali nikayas and I find some problems regarding the different translations and interpretations of the suttas given by some scholars (especially because english is not my native language), and because I really want to learn and practice from what the BUDDHA REALLY TAUGHT, I guess If I want to approach to that I need to learn PALI, maybe…I don´t know…so in that way I can understand better the teachings (at least in theory) and maybe then it could be much easier to understand them in my native spanish language.

    Do you know where on the internet I can learn pali to spanish or
    a very good reliable source of pali to english?

    I hope everything I wrote it´s not confusing, my englisht is not very good heheheheh
    All the best wishes and I rejoice in all the effort you do to teach the Dhamma 🙂
    sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

    • Hi Miguel,

      So at the moment, English is the best medium for studying Pali in translation. The work of Bhikkhu Bodhi has no compare in any language, something that was readily admitted by monks in Sri Lanka, for example. There are a number of fine books for learning Pali. I learnt using first Rune Johansson’s Pali Buddhist Texts Explained for the Beginner, and then A.K. Warder’s Introduction to Pali. But any of them should be okay. The technical aspects of Pali are straightforward and well understood, thanks to the astonishing sophistication of ancient Indian grammars. Problems in interpretation almost always come back to usage and meaning, although there are a few instances where grammar will affect the outcome.

      As for learning Pali in Spanish, I am not so sure. But perhaps my friends at Bosque Theravada can help you. They are also working on Pali translations, although these will be second-generation works.

      It would be great to get a Pali>Spanish lookup took for SuttaCentral, but we need a dictionary first.

    • Dear Bhante, a BIG thank you for taking the time to answer me…indeed I will look at the resources :)..does Bhikkhu Bodhi has a website or a book where he teaches pali?

      I will definitely contact Bosque Theravada :), I visit the website regularly, I like it pretty much…some translations I find them very useful while others I don´t know (of course I´m not an expert), and that´s where I get confused and I prefer to look them in english but then I get more confused hehehe because of the different translations I had red from different scholars like for example the different meanings some scholars says about sati, jhana, concentration, samadhi, among others.

      Yes..spanish translation on SuttaCentral could be soo awesome :D…as for the dictionary of Pali-spanish there is one from a monk and a group of lay people of Mexico, If you want it you can contact me vía email and I will send it to you


  2. Venerable Sir, I recently came across 2 talks on Metta Meditation by Bhante Sujato (plus one on Anapanasati) here:
    I also recently come across your Sutta readings on Dhammanet. They are awesome! Combines Bhikkhu Bodhi’s (the encyclopaedia, sort of), some Pali (thank you for SuttaCentral), some Ven. Analayo’s comparative studies and sometimes even other English translators.
    Thank you so much! WY

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