Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato

The Satipatthana Sutta, or “The Discourse on the Establishing of Mindfulness” (MN 10, DN22) is perhaps the most influential of all the discourses in the Early Buddhist Texts.

Bhante Sujato has been practicing mindfulness based on this sutta for over 20 years, as part of which he researched and wrote one of the most innovative and comprehensive texts on the subject, A History of Mindfulness. His approach to satipatthana pays full attention to teachings on mindfulness found outside the Satipatthana Sutta, and indeed outside the Pali canon.

This retreat will be your last opportunity to learn and experience these teachings before Bhante leaves on an 18 month retreat. There are only a few places left.

This is way to convergence, for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the extinguishing of suffering and grief, for realizing the correct method, for the witnessing of nibbana, that is to say, the four kinds of mindfulness meditation.

  • Dates: Friday 10th of July to Saturday 18th of July 2015. (7 days and 8 nights).
  • Venue: Castlecreag Academy, Old Castlecreag Raod, Castlecreag NSW 2749 (1.30 hours from Sydney, in the Penrith Valley).
  • Cost: $440.00 per person. Covers accommodation, facility hire, food cost and other logistics. (Bhante’s time and teachings are freely given).
  • Contact: Deepika Weerakoon,

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato

  1. Dear Bhante Sujato,
    Will it be available on video afterwards on the Dhammaloka site? I am very interested in this but I live in Belgium so coming to Australia is a bit difficult and too expensive. It would be so lovely to be able to hear your teachings about this and to follow the intstructions to try to make a retreat at home. I am always inspired by your talks. Thank you….

  2. Dear Bhante Sujato, will there be videos available of teachings during the retreat like there are vidoes available on dhammaloka of talks during retreats? They are always inspiring. I live in Belgium and so impossible to travel to Australia for retreats (expensive flight). I really hope videos of retreats will be availble…

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