Girl Rising



Ayya Yeshe’s Bodhicitta Foundation educates girls and empowers women, so as to better the lives of females living in poverty and oppression, but also to advocate for their rights in the society they live in. Bodhicitta Foundation invites you to participate in this noble cause and to discover your own empowerment in the society that you live in.

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Join us in a night of charity and inspiration.

– Watch the profound film “GIRL RISING”
– Hear from notable guest speakers
– Network while enjoying food and music
– Be an agent of change!

Proceeds from the night will go towards educating girls in Indian slums.


2 thoughts on “Girl Rising

  1. The short intro documentary has left a huge impact on me , more of an imprint on my heart. The tears roll down my face as I think if what I have faced, and what my daughters have faced, and still do, myself included. I feel for all women, and men, for the injustices we have suffered, and continue to suffer. I cried inside, both times I learned I was having girls, when pregnant. I knew what they would face. I am a married woman who continues the tradition of caring for others, serving men, a servant. My daughters learn from me. I am ashamed of how weak I feel I appear to them sometimes. I am responsible for others welfare. Its too much.

    • Dear Maryann,

      Thank you so much for your openness and honesty, this is one of the most moving comments I’ve ever read. I hope and wish that you find the strength that you need. It is in you, never doubt that. In reflecting on your position, understanding its benefits and weaknesses, and in struggling to find what is real and true for yourself, you are setting the best kind of role model for your daughters. They might not know it now, but when they need it, they will remember your struggles and it will inspire them.

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