Sujato in Europe

Just a reminder: I’m disappearing off to Taiwan, but I’ll be in Europe later in the year.

You can follow details here:

And here’s where I’m teaching:


3 thoughts on “Sujato in Europe

  1. Dear Sujato,
    I saw that you will have a European ‘tour’. Sadly enough not in Belgium where I live.
    As often as I can I watch the posts on YouTube and Dhammaloka. I do have a question that keeps me busy already for quite some years. I have been searching and studying in a lot of different paths (advaita vedanta, theosophy, buddhism). Especially buddhism feels to me like a very important core teaching and have been emerging me in it for a couple of years as far as possible. It has always attrackted me in an inexplicable, familiar way.

    You oftenly talk about the importance of studying the dhamma preferably in a sangha. I do feel this need more and more urgent. How to do this when you do not have access to a sangha or a centre where they can teach you. Can you be an autodidact buddhist 🙂 And if so where do I start with studying the sutta’s. Which ones, in which order and which material (which books). My mother tongue is dutch (flemish) but I read a lot in english, so no problem there. I really want to deepen and make aqcuintance in a profound way where the buddha was pointing. And what if I have any questions? Where to go, where to ask them?
    Is walking this path even possible without a good teacher and a sangha?

    It would be really nice if you could shed some light on this matter.

    Kind regards

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