From Ajahn Brahmali & the Bodhinyana Sangha

Bhikkhuni Ordination at Bodhinyana Monastery, a Response to Ajahn Chandako and Others By Ajahn Brahmali and the Bodhinyana Sangha It is a good thing that the issue of bhikkhuni ordination, particularly within the Western Sangha connected with Ajahn Chah’s monastery Wat Pah Pong, is finally being discussed openly. I welcome Ajahn Chandako’s contribution, which is […]

A Further Note on Monastery Constitutions

In continuing my occasional series on Monastery constitutions and the legal/Vinaya issues involved, I’d like to take a short look at one recently revised constitution, that of Vimutti Monastery in New Zealand. Vimutti is governed under the legal framework of the Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association. The ATBA has been an active presence for many years, […]