Awakening Women Online

Here’s a message from our friend Ayya Adhimutta. dear friends, ~i want to write to you of a very grand and inspiring initiative that a group (hopefully soon to become very international and multifaceted group, a vast web/network coming together of buddhist women) of us are undertaking. ~ we are hoping to create a multimedia […]

And now, in religions’ baffling inability to cope with women…

A Christian group at Bristol University in England is being investigated for its discriminatory policies. Women are banned from teaching at their weekly meetings without their husbands beside them. The email from their president said: “We understand that this [women teaching] is a difficult issue for some and so decided that women would not teach […]

Cambodian women take novice ordination

The following wonderful news was sent by Bhikkhuni Sudhamma of the Carolina Buddhist Vihara. Good news! The historic temporary ordination of Khmer (Cambodian) women happened at the Khmer Wat (temple) yesterday morning, along with 2 little kids joining the Sangha permanently. It was very moving. The ceremony had historic meaning, because we know of no […]

Women in Kushan period

I just came across a site with some good resources on the role of Indian women during the important period of the Kushan empire. Here’s the site’s own description of these resources. Gender studies has been a vital part of historical study since the 1970s. However most writing on Indian women overlooks the Kushan period. This […]

Women rule

Who exactly is in charge? I live in NSW, Australia, near Sydney, and chief public leaders are: Sydney mayor: Clover Moore NSW Governor: Marie Bashir NSW Premier: Kristina Keneally Governor-General: Ms Quentin Bryce Prime Minster: Julia Gillard Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II Quite extraordinary; but a misleading snapshot of public life in Australia, where […]

The Irrational Desires of Women

When we listen to monks discussing the ‘problem’ of bhikkhunis, or indeed any nuns, one notion that keeps popping up is that they want stuff. The nuns are always asking for things, pushing the boundaries. They’ll never be satisfied. Being a bit of a history buff, I have been intrigued at how such ideas come […]