Why do we keep on wanting so much, when the important things are right here?

10 thoughts on “Riches

    • If we treat the soil, water and air with wisdom and each other with friendship then we will have all the food, clothes and shelter we need.

    • I wonder if every one has a different answer in their heart. For me it brings up my own suffering , delusional as it maybe , it clings . So your question gives me a spark and space to again let go and remind myself the earth does not need us we need the earth. It’s actually quite scary sometimes to sit in this as it seems the majority don’t feel this way and the system of society we live is so consuming . I don’t think I do my best …..but I try to.
      With Metta,

  1. And quite canonical indeed! The four elements, I see: pruṭhavī-dhātu, āpa-dhātu, teja-dhātu, vāyu-dhātu. I’ll go ahead and say it, though – quite happy to stumble upon the added fifth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ven. Sujato I know this is a different topic than your addressing here but I have heard that you are quite knowledgeable about the Vinaya. Currently there is a bit of a conversation going on regarding the other Vinayas and how they may relate to the Pali Canon edition.

    One question was the “Virtual Parajika’s” as seen in the Pali Canon. Where one can never become a monk if they are an eunuch, hermaphrodite, communion by theft, as well as 8 or so more cases I believe.

    Do the other Vinayas have this aspect to them? Thank you for your time Venerable!
    (my email works if you want to contact me through there)

    • Hi,

      yes, these things are found in the other Vinayas, and as far as I know they are all similar, although of course we will find minor differences. These passages are discussed briefly by Frauwallner. I attach a copy of the relevant page for your reading pleasure!

      Frauwallner discussion of things disallowing ordination

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