Calendar of Events

Details of Bhante Sujato’s upcoming events in Sydney and elsewhere.

19 thoughts on “Calendar of Events

  1. Dear Bhante,
    would you have any time to see me whilst you are in Sydney. I would like to discuss my art project with you if possible?

  2. Dear Bhante,
    We met a few year back at Santi Forest Monastery. I am a Buddhist Scripture teacher at Murray Farm Public School. I had some questions to ask you and couldn’t find the best way to contact you?

    With Metta,

  3. I was wondering if you have a regular meditation meeting and if so where and when.
    I enjoyed Ajahn Brahm’s talk on mindfulness that I saw on Facebook. I wish i had been lucky enough to see him in person with all of you .

  4. Hi
    I watched the video of Ajahn Brahm’s talk on mindfulness and found thst you and your group had organised it. I was wondering if you have regular meditation meetings and if so where and when. Thank you

    • Hi Akaycia,

      Indeed we do! I normally teach in Sydney every month. I will be starting in January. In fact, I should be updating this calendar, and will do so very soon. May I ask, are you in the Sydney region?

  5. Hello Bhante Sujato.
    Are there any Metta teachings planned for 2015? Otherwise could you recommend where I can learn Metta in Perth?
    Regards, Shane

    • Hi Shane,

      I’m travelling a lot this year, so I don’t have any retreats planned in WA. I may be doing some classes at the BSWA, but this is always a bit random. I’d suggest checking the Jhana Grove calendar to see what retreats are coming up. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  6. Dear Bhante Sujato,
    I have some questions about things that I have experienced inside and outside of my meditaion. I was wondering if you could, with your experience and wisdom, help me sort things out.
    Best regards, Alexandra

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Well, I’m happy to try, but the internet is not the best place to sort these things out. Is there no-one local that you can talk to?

  7. Hello again,
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I’ve tried to write you again all morning. But I always end up writing an essay because as I dig deeper I realize the real question is so much more complex. However, I believe that that question will sort itself out in time as I advance in my practise.
    I really just wanted you to listen to what happened to me the other night and tell me if what I experienced then has any value or if it’s just all in my head. Was it a nimitta? If it wasn’t, then what do you think it was?

    Of course there has to be someone locally or someone close by to whom I can talk to, I just haven’t found that person yet. Still looking though. It’s difficult since I think that person should be buddhist (so we share the same beliefs) and an experienced meditator, or at least a couple of steps ahead of me in the practise. I have tried to ask the monks in my temple for guidance but I feel like they only listen and never really answer any question of mine.

    Best regards,

  8. Hello,

    Is there more info about the retraite in Germany (in december) ?
    Is this btw, the only retrait you are going to do in Europe ? (somewe’re in the low countries would also be nice)

    I am asking because, last year there was a info that Ajahn Brahm was coming to Buddhasweg in Germany and afterwords nothing happend and all info was gone. Didn’t get any answer from Buddhasweg :-/

    Warm greetings from Belgium,

  9. Dear Bhante Sujato,
    I have seen that you are doing a retraite in Europe (in Germany in december), Joepie !
    Are there already possiblility that we could subscribe or get more info ?
    Warm greetings from Belgium,

  10. Dear Bhante,

    We are a family of four living in Crows nest, we are just hoping that we would be able to offer a “dhana’ to you before you leave for your next retreat. Could you please reply this email.

    • Hi Dhanusha,

      Well, that would be lovely, but I think my dana list is full. If you like, you can come to my farewell at the Buddhist Library on 19 July.

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