19 thoughts on “Calendar of Events

  1. Dear Bhante,
    would you have any time to see me whilst you are in Sydney. I would like to discuss my art project with you if possible?

  2. Dear Bhante,
    We met a few year back at Santi Forest Monastery. I am a Buddhist Scripture teacher at Murray Farm Public School. I had some questions to ask you and couldn’t find the best way to contact you?

    With Metta,

  3. I was wondering if you have a regular meditation meeting and if so where and when.
    I enjoyed Ajahn Brahm’s talk on mindfulness that I saw on Facebook. I wish i had been lucky enough to see him in person with all of you .

  4. Hi
    I watched the video of Ajahn Brahm’s talk on mindfulness and found thst you and your group had organised it. I was wondering if you have regular meditation meetings and if so where and when. Thank you

    • Hi Akaycia,

      Indeed we do! I normally teach in Sydney every month. I will be starting in January. In fact, I should be updating this calendar, and will do so very soon. May I ask, are you in the Sydney region?

  5. Hello Bhante Sujato.
    Are there any Metta teachings planned for 2015? Otherwise could you recommend where I can learn Metta in Perth?
    Regards, Shane

    • Hi Shane,

      I’m travelling a lot this year, so I don’t have any retreats planned in WA. I may be doing some classes at the BSWA, but this is always a bit random. I’d suggest checking the Jhana Grove calendar to see what retreats are coming up. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  6. Dear Bhante Sujato,
    I have some questions about things that I have experienced inside and outside of my meditaion. I was wondering if you could, with your experience and wisdom, help me sort things out.
    Best regards, Alexandra

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Well, I’m happy to try, but the internet is not the best place to sort these things out. Is there no-one local that you can talk to?

  7. Hello again,
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I’ve tried to write you again all morning. But I always end up writing an essay because as I dig deeper I realize the real question is so much more complex. However, I believe that that question will sort itself out in time as I advance in my practise.
    I really just wanted you to listen to what happened to me the other night and tell me if what I experienced then has any value or if it’s just all in my head. Was it a nimitta? If it wasn’t, then what do you think it was?

    Of course there has to be someone locally or someone close by to whom I can talk to, I just haven’t found that person yet. Still looking though. It’s difficult since I think that person should be buddhist (so we share the same beliefs) and an experienced meditator, or at least a couple of steps ahead of me in the practise. I have tried to ask the monks in my temple for guidance but I feel like they only listen and never really answer any question of mine.

    Best regards,

  8. Hello,

    Is there more info about the retraite in Germany (in december) ?
    Is this btw, the only retrait you are going to do in Europe ? (somewe’re in the low countries would also be nice)

    I am asking because, last year there was a info that Ajahn Brahm was coming to Buddhasweg in Germany and afterwords nothing happend and all info was gone. Didn’t get any answer from Buddhasweg :-/

    Warm greetings from Belgium,

  9. Dear Bhante Sujato,
    I have seen that you are doing a retraite in Europe (in Germany in december), Joepie !
    Are there already possiblility that we could subscribe or get more info ?
    Warm greetings from Belgium,

  10. Dear Bhante,

    We are a family of four living in Crows nest, we are just hoping that we would be able to offer a “dhana’ to you before you leave for your next retreat. Could you please reply this email.

    • Hi Dhanusha,

      Well, that would be lovely, but I think my dana list is full. If you like, you can come to my farewell at the Buddhist Library on 19 July.

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