SuttaCentral now has donations

SuttaCentral is now accepting donations.

Donate to SuttaCentral

In the past we did not set up a donations facility, as we had enough funds for our limited needs. Now, however, we are employing a full time developer, in addition to several other ongoing costs, such as typing the texts in several languages. So we have set this up to guarantee our future stability.

The work behind the scenes has been mainly done by Deepika, who has set up the SuttaCentral Development Trust. Details are on our Donations page.

The facility has been set up using the secure modern payment system, Stripe.

If you think SuttaCentral is amazing, now you can help us make it even better.


9 thoughts on “SuttaCentral now has donations

    • This is also something that Samana “likes”…
      For donors of over $100, or over $10/month, we would like to offer as a gift a printed copy of the Theragāthā, the “Verses of the Senior Monks”. This fascinating but little-known text from the Pali Canon has been freshly translated by Bhante Sujato for SuttaCentral.

  1. Is suttacentral down?

    When I go to I get the following message:
    A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol.

  2. Hi Venerable,
    I also use wordpress for a Buddhist blog (my primary focus is the canadian buddhist community). I’ve really enjoyed your posts and would love to help out with Sutta Central. How did you manage to make that red donate sign and I’ll make a post on my blog as well to help get the word out :).

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I just put up a post to try and raise awareness for SuttaCentral. I hope your upcoming retreat goes great 🙂 The participants are definitely in for a great experience. All the best from us in Canada!

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